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Sportech Sails has been Niagara Regions only full service sail loft since 1976.  We manufacture only quality products and insure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.  All of our products are Canadian made.  From performance cruising sails to exotic racing sails, Sportech Sails designs, builds and finishes all of products in house using our skilled staff.  When working with us you will always be in direct contact with the sail maker who is building your sail, not just a salesman sending numbers away to a foreign production facility.  As an added bonus, one of our sailmakers will be available to test the sails on your boat with you to make sure they perform as designed.

For all of our sails, Sportech Sails uses only first quality cloth from the leading North American manufacturers.  Durability and shape retention are emphasized as we select the appropriate cloth for each individual application.  With Sportech Sails, your sail is constantly monitored and evaluated by the sailmaker throughout each stage of design, layout, paneling, shaping, and finishing.  The final product will then be evaluated by both of our experienced sailmakers to ascertain that the superior design and quality of our product will exceed your expectations. We have an extensive list of club race champions who have relied on the performance of our racing sails, as well as blue water cruisers who have sailed thousands of miles with our Dacron cruising sails.