Sail Covers

Sportech - Sail Covers
Any sailmaker or canvas shop can make a sail cover, but no one can build a quality, custom-fitted sail cover like we can. Every one of our sail covers is especially designed for each individual type of boat, and can be built to accommodate lazy-jacks and Dutchman Systems. Our sail covers are constructed of the same high quality Sunbrella yacht acrylic as our Dodgers and Biminis. They are available in all solid Sunbrella colour choices to match your other accessories.
Sportech - Happy Pac
Enhance the enjoyment of your mainsail by incorporating a Happy Pac - the most versatile stacking sail cover on the market - into your sail plan. Do you find yourself unfurling the genoa, but leaving the mainsail covered and stowed because of how much work it is to prepare it and then put it away? A Happy Pac makes your mainsail experience a Happy experience. The zipper with continuos control line makes it easy to open the cover from any location along the cover. All you have to do is unzip the opening, connect the halyard and hoist the sail. When the sail is lowered, the 4 line lazy jack system guides the sail directly into the cover. The sail stays completely controlled all the time, you can even choose to dock or anchor before zipping the cover closed as the sail will not be laying over the deck obscuring your view and crew mobility. To further improve the operation of your mainsail, we suggest considering a Tides Marine Mainsail Handling system for effortless hoisting and dousing of your mainsail.